Probably the easisest way
in making your home smart

What do you wish for your Smart home?


Pure ambience

NEXENTRO allows you to convert all your lights to “smart” so that they can be easily integrated into your existing home system. This allows you to control them either per voice control, app or manually over the switch.

Blinds and shades

Just ideal

With NEXENTRO you can convert all your existing blinds and shades to “smart” and easily integrate them into your existing home system. This allows you to control them either by voice control, app or manually over the switch.


Especially helpful

The NEXENTRO push button interface is the perfect complement for the NEXENTRO actuators or for existing smart appliances. It allows you to control an entire room, floor or even the manual control of smart scenes using only one switch.

The missing component for your smart home 


We believe that every home can be turned into a smart home and this is why we developed NEXENTRO. It is the bridge between your existing home installation and the smart home world.

Thanks to being fully supported by Zigbee, we can connect your existing lamps, blinds and any other appliance to your smart home system. This means that you can control them either by smartphone or per voice command from the comfort of your sofa.

Our fit and forget principle

To install NEXENTRO only a standard screwdriver is required. Nexentro is just ideal for tenants or homeowners as no costly adjustments are involved. Once in place, NEXENTRO functions like an invisible assistant installed and hidden within the wall.

Even after years, NEXENTRO will continue to work without any annoying battery changes or the need for additional hardware. No Wifi is required and not only do we guarantee for 100% reliability, but we also provide for free updates to keep your home fully up to date.

NEXENTRO fits into all standard flush-mounted or cavity wall appliance boxes and is easily installed behind the switch or the socket.

Simply turn everyday things to smart

NEXENTRO now gives you and your existing switch or socket the chance to tap into previously unknown stengths. Not only can you manually control your lights, blinds or other appliances as accustomed, but with NEXENTRO they are now able to respond to your voice commands or the control app of your smart home system. Our complimentary NEXENTRO app provides for an easy Integration.

You may say “Oh no, not another app”? – No need to worry. The app which we have especially developed is only required when setting up your actuators for the first time. In no time at all, you can configure the NEXENTRO actuators according to your wishes and integrate them into your smart home environment just as easily.

Limitless and compatible

NEXENTRO can be easily networked with a wide range of Zigbee components. NEXENTRO can be connected to almost any light from Philips Hue, IKEA Home Smart or any other manufacturer, even without a gateway.

For lighting systems which use a gateway such as PhilipsHue, you simply register NEXENTRO to control any light fixtures and by doing so also reveal integrated switching and dimming channels such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and many more by using the provider’s app and interfaces.

Detailed information about the individual systems can be found in our FAQ section.