DIY or do I call a specialist?

With a little skill and some tools, NEXENTRO can be integrated into your home. If you tend to be all thumbs, then please call an electrician to have everything conveniently and properly installed. The choice is yours.

Made in Germany

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Do you have any questions concerning the installation?

Many questions about NEXENTRO and the integration into common smart home systems have already been answered in our FAQ section. If you are still unsure about your home installation, then please contact us at

Installation videos

Pushbutton Interface

Conversion 1-gang switch with push-button interface
Replacing 2-gang switch by a 2-gang push-button with push-button interface
Replacing 1-gang switch by a 1-gang push-button with push-button interface
How to connect the pushbutton interface with Philips Hue lamps
Conversion 2-gang switch with push-button interface

Blinds Actuator

Conversion of a blinds push-button with the blinds actuator mini

Dimming Actuator

Replacing a 2-wire dimmer by dimming actuator mini with push-button extension unit
Replacing a 3-wire dimmer by dimming actuator mini with push-button extension unit

Switching Actuator

Conversion of a Schuko socket with the switching actuator mini
Conversion of a 1-gang switch with the switching actuator mini

Need help with the assembly?

No problem. Just book a technician with our partner Mila.
Or buy directly a special offer package package with three NEXENTRO actuators including installation by a Mila professional.

With more than 200,00 successfully completed jobs and a network of over 10,000 service technicians, Mila is one of the best platforms for on-demand technical support in Europe.

The Mila team has been specially trained for NEXENTRO to professionally support you on your way to a smart home.