Probably the easisest way
in making your home smart

Limitless and compatible 

NEXENTRO can be easily networked with a wide range of Zigbee components. NEXENTRO can be connected to almost any light from Philips Hue, IKEA Home Smart or any other manufacturer, even without a gateway.

For lighting systems which use a gateway such as PhilipsHue, you simply register NEXENTRO to control any light fixtures and by doing so also reveal integrated switching and dimming channels such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and many more by using the provider’s app and interfaces .

Detailed information about the individual systems can be found in our FAQ section.

Installation videos

Pushbutton interface 

Conversion 1-gang switch
with push-button interface

Conversion 2-gang switch
with push-button interface

Replacing 1-gang switch
by a 1-gang push-button with push-button interface

Replacing 2-fold gang
by a 2-gang push-button with push-button interface

Blinds actuator

Conversion of a blinds push-button
with the blinds actuator mini

Dimming actuator

Replacing a 2-wire dimmer
by the dimming actuator mini
with a push-button extension unit

Replacing a 3-wire dimmer
by the dimming actuator mini
with a push-button extension unit

Switching actuator

Conversion of a Schuko socket
with the switching actuator mini

Conversion of a 1-gang switch
with the switching actuator mini

A perfect idea for the rented flat

You wish to change the designated switches in your apartment to suit your needs? In using NEXENTRO, there is no need for the permission of your landlord nor the need of an electrician at the main distribution board.

NEXENTRO provides for a simple and inexpensive solution to increase your living comfort and at the same time saving you unnecessary installation costs.

Another plus point is, should you ever decide to move, you can simply take your NEXENTRO actuators with you and reinstall them in your new abode.