Probably the easisest way
in making your home smart

Freedom for you and your switches

Retrofit your home to be smart – problem-free

Your Hue lights have constant access.

You have just fitted your entire apartment with a Philips Hue system and you really want to control your rooms via an app.

Basically there are things in everyday life that should funtion simply and without hitches, so you place your Hue remotes next to the old light switches but let’s be honest, it doesn’t really look all that good. Another point is that it is hard for yourself or your family to kick the habit of flipping the old switch everytime you enter a room and when this happens, your Hue lights lose power and this is a problem.

NEXENTRO solves this problem. After being quickly installed under your leading light switches, you are now able to flip a switch in any room as usual and this will issue a command to the Philips Hue system.

Another plus point is that your favorite light will also be in your Philips Hue network thanks to the NEXENTRO dimming actuator.

Control a whole floor from just one switch.

Our NEXENTRO push button interface is able to communicate with the other NEXENTRO actuators even without having the network connection to your smart home system. This means that a manual operation of your light switches or blinds is always possible. On one hand, you have a 100% operational reliability and on the other, your smart appliances uphold a permanent contact so that no one has to get out of the habit of constantly pressing a switch.

What is special about our complimentary NEXENTRO app is that you can even connect several actuators in your room with the push-button interface, and by doing so, use just one switch to raise and lower all the blinds at the same time or for example switch all your lights on or off at the same time.

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Our fit and forget principle

To install NEXENTRO only a standard screwdriver is required. Nexentro is just ideal for tenants or homeowners as no costly adjustments are involved. Once in place, NEXENTRO functions like an invisible assistant installed and hidden within the wall.

Even after years, NEXENTRO will continue to work without any annoying battery changes or the need for additional hardware. No Wifi is required and not only do we guarantee for 100% reliability, but we also provide for free updates to keep your home fully up to date.

NEXENTRO fits into all standard flush-mounted or cavity wall appliance boxes and is easily installed behind the switch or the socket.